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Justin killed a moth, and its soul left thru his hand
My #wcw Sammy wood 😊♥


Hey kids wanna buy some drugs

Welcome to Florida

A Japanese designer/illustrator has created edible chocolate Legos that you can actually build with.

Are you kidding cracker barrel has candy legos since the 1990&#8217;s

im just really fucking done with this place. im done with my job, im done with situations with my friends, and im done with alot of shit in general.

im done with my job because its so mundane and monotonous, every day there is the same stressful shit and i wish i could change it up, which is why im gonna start looking for a new job.

im really done with how alot of my friends have been acting lately too. friends that ive been acquainted with for a very long time have just dropped me and i really dont understand why. my other friends say just give it time and itll get better, but seriously its been two months since the last time we all hung out and frankly i hate it. i really really care about them, even if they dont give two shits about how i feel. if i did something wrong, i would appreciate being confronted about it and having the situation resolved and things go back to normal. if there ever was a normal. seriously i dont know what i did wrong to upset you guys to the point where im excluded from basically everything, but i would at least appreciate knowing what happened so i could work to resolve it. i got a random ass drunk pep talk that i should just leave it alone but its been months ive left it alone long enough i might as well confront them about it but i have such bad social anxiety about it i just cant do it. like seriously i love them to death i hate not seeing them. i hope at least one of them sees this and shows the other so they understand how i feel, like honestly im not mad i just hate this shit and i want it to stop.

Midnight hookah sesh with a fruit bowl #hookah #fruit #shisha #khalilmamoon #dailyhookah #hookahaddict #smoke
I still have lots of dream catcher materials and im willing to make one to order, along with a few I have premade! #dreamcatcher #crafts #feathers #etsy #beads